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Fluoride and Fluoridation

Fluoride damages teeth!
Fluoride was found to be an equivocal carcinogen by the National Cancer Institute Toxicological Program.1 Further studies by the New Jersey Department of Health have now confirmed a 6.9 fold increase in bone cancer in young males.2 Earlier studies had found a 5% increase in all types of cancers in fluoridated communities.3
Drinking fluoridated water will double the number of hip fractures for both older men and women.4 5
Extremely low levels of water fluoridation 0.1 ppm still produced statistically significant increased hip fractures. (Bordeaux Study JAMA 1994)

Infertility in women was found to increase with water fluoridation.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scientists reported a close correlation between decreasing total fertility rates in women between ages of 10 and 49, and increasing fluoride levels.
They also reported that a review of all of the animal studies done to date shows that fluoride adversely affects fertility in most animal species.6

Opaque white spots and brown ugly teeth caused by fluoride is called Fluorosis.
Fluorosis currently affects one out of five or more children in the US although it is rarely seen in California. California is the least fluoridated state with less than 16% of the population drinking artificially fluoridated water.

Fluoride is not effective in reducing tooth decay.
No correlation was found between the level of fluoride in water and dental caries.7 8 9 10 11
There appears to be a genetically related increase in tooth decay for Hispanics, Indians, Native Americans and Asians. Decay is related to the educational and economic level of the parents.12 13 14

In Dr. A. K. Susheela’s affidavit  (Dr Susheela is a histocytochemist and a Doctor of Medical Science with 25 years experience in fluoride research and more than 100 published scientific papers on the adverse effects of fluoride on human health to her credit.)  in the case of the “Safe Water Association Inc. versus the City of Pond Du Lac” in United States District Court, she states that fluoride:
·        Destroys bones, teeth, blood vessels, and stomach lining;
·        Causes infertility;
·        Causes poisoning with symptoms of headache or nausea;
·        Adversely effects membrane bound enzymes and the transfer of Calcium and Magnesium ions;
·        Inhibits protein & DNA synthesis;
·        Impairs cortisol production and;
·        Alters bone matrix constitution (Susheela p.1-6).

Fluoride does not protect children's teeth; it is "children's teeth" in particular, which are damaged by fluoride.

Dental fluorosis occurs exclusively in children, during enamel formation of the teeth. It is a permanent condition for which there is no cure.
Fluorine is a general protoplasmic poison, but the most important symptoms of chronic fluorine poisoning known at present are mottling of the teeth [fluorosis] and interference with bone.
The Concise Oxford Dictionary, (Eighth edition, 1993) defines Fluorosis as poisoning by fluorine or its compounds.
Therefore, drinking water fluoridation, however well-intentioned, is the indiscriminate poisoning of children, evidence for which, dental fluorosis, is the biomarker.
The harmful effects of dental fluorosis extend beyond tooth disfigurement and possible loss of dental function. A body of scientific evidence shows that dental fluorosis can affect the psychological well being of both children and adults. 

Baroness Hayman responded, in a Written Answer, for the Government:
 "We accept that dental fluorosis is a manifestation of systemic toxicity. . . "
 - (Hansard, 20 Apr 1999 : WA 158.).

It is estimated that between 48% - 54% of children living in fluoridated areas develop dental fluorosis, the visible sign of fluoride poisoning.

Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D., chemist, says:
Fluoride severs the protein molecules that adhere gums to the teeth.

Scientists at Drug Company Admit That Fluoride Causes Gum/Mouth Disease

From Patent #5,807,541 "NSAID/fluoride periodontal compositions and methods" (15 Sept 1998), filed by the pharmaceutical company Sepracor:

We have found that fluoride, in the concentration range in which it is employed for the prevention of dental caries [cavities], stimulates the production of prostaglandins and thereby exacerbates the inflammatory response in gingivitis and periodontitis.
Thus, the inclusion of fluoride in toothpastes and mouthwashes for the purpose of inhibiting the development of caries [cavities] does, at the same time, accelerate the process of chronic, destructive periodontitis

For 60 years we have been lied to about the effects of fluoride
on our health

The British Dental Journal

"Perhaps the greatest deterrent to meaningful political engagement of dentists in the promotion of water fluoridation is the mistaken but widespread assumption that to do so they must have full and complete knowledge of the detailed and voluminous scientific literature on the relationship of water fluoridation to dental and general health. They do not . . .. as soon as dentists recognise their responsibility in the politics of fluoridation, their performance will be outstanding. In politics, the emphasis is on propagandising rather than education."

Although fluoride is scientifically classed as more toxic than lead, the Government allows 40 times as much fluoride as lead in drinking water.
Meanwhile, while few people seem to know, most would be horrified to learn that the fluoride added to drinking water isn’t the pharmaceutical grade stuff added to toothpaste.
The fluoride that the Prime Minister wants to put in everyone’s drinking water is a hazardous industrial waste (H2SiF6) that is illegal to dump at sea.

One may wonder how it ever managed to pass any safety test.
The simple – if unbelievable – answer is that it didn’t. In Britain, the National Pure Water Association has repeatedly challenged the Government to produce the safety testing data for the product.

The Government never has, because the data doesn’t exist.
It is a wonder that any part of the medical profession could be in favour of fluoridation, in breach of both the European Convention on Human Rights and Medicine and standard medical practice.

99.5% of drinking water is not drunk but goes straight down the drain being used for washing flushing and industrial processes with no pollution investigation ongoing.

In the NRC report, "Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA's standards" published in March 2006, there appears the level of fluoride which is present in mothers milk in nonfluoridated areas. It is 0.004 ppm (the same table gives the level in fluoridated areas (1 ppm) as ranging from 0.007 to 0.01 ppm).
This means that babies bottle fed in communities with fluoride at 1 ppm get 250 times more fluoride than nature intended and it means that babies bottle fed in communities with the EPA's current (established in 1985) Safe Drinking Water Standard of 4ppm, are getting 1000 times more fluoride than nature intended.

Was this very low level (0.004 ppm) forced upon nature by the surroundings? No, there was plenty of fluoride around when life was evolving. For example, the average level in the oceans is 1.4 ppm.

Fluoridation chemicals are Part II poisons under the UK Poisons Act 1972. Fluorides are medically categorised as protoplasmic poisons, which is why they are used in commercial rat poisons.

When impure H2SiF6 is added to drinking water it will probably still comply with the drinking water directive 98/83/EC but the directive should not be used as a justification to pollute up to the levels specified. Drinking water should be as pure as possible

Water fluoridation contravenes UK law, EU directives and the European Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine. (Please see in next blogg, The implication of the European Community legislation….by Doug Cross, Forensic Ecologist)

Fluoride causes thyroid malfunction, e.g. hypothyroid causing late eruption of 0-5 year olds teeth which gives misleading DMFT statistics, these in addition do not take account of the actual number of teeth in the child's mouth, this would be corrected if this variable was included. I would suggest DMFT/E where E is erupted teeth.

Birmingham fluoridated over 40 years has the highest infant mortality rate in England.

America is 62% fluoridated and has a much worse dental health
than Europe 2% fluoridated. America has spiralling health problems
which have been forecast for the U.K if fluoridation goes ahead.

The British Government, PCT's and the DoH have no clue what our fluoride intakes are or the levels of fluoride retained. Private testing in the U.K. has shown that some people are ingesting unacceptably high concentrations.
The DoH refuse to replicate these tests ( there is no NHS facility to test for fluoride in blood or urine not even in fluoridated communities)  or follow advice from The World Health Organisation, they say:

No new fluoridation schemes should be started until total fluoride intake
has been measured. People receive fluoride from industrial pollution, pesticides, tranquillisers and other drugs. Many people’s body
levels of fluoride are above WHO safety limits.

Authorities will and do, mass medicate populations with fluoride with the perceived  medical advice being, "Take as much as you like whenever you like, for the rest of your life. This is preposterous; any physician prescribing medicines in this way would be grossly negligent. A physician should assess the individual need of a patient and prescribe medicine to meet that need - and nothing else.

"Fluoridation ... it is the greatest fraud that has ever been perpetrated and it has been perpetrated on more people than any other fraud has." Professor Albert Schatz, Ph.D. (Microbiology), Discoverer of streptomycin & Nobel Prize Winner.

As a result of Dr Schatz’s work, fluoridation was stopped in Chile.

98% Of Western Europe Has Rejected Water Fluoridation.
This includes Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. The predominant reason for Europe's rejection is the belief that public drinking water is NOT the appropriate vehicle with which to deliver medication to a population. Switzerland, India, and Japan have either rejected or banned its use in recent years.

New Report
Sam Epstein, the chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition and professor emeritus of environmental and occupational medicine at the University of Illinois, pointed to the epidemiological studies linking fluoride and bone cancer, and said that “the imposition of fluoridation on the UK public [would] present a significant public health hazard”.
Other studies have linked fluoride with higher incidences of miscarriages and Down’s syndrome births, and decreased IQ levels.

Study shows an increased rate of osteosarcoma:
The new evidence was contained in a Harvard dissertation by Dr Elise Bassin at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. The dissertation, completed in April 2001, obviously had merit because Bassin was awarded her doctorate.
This American research ( suppressed until 2005) suggests that boys exposed to fluoride between the ages of five and 10 will suffer an increased rate of osteosarcoma - bone cancer - between the ages of 10 and 19.

Letter from Dr Alasdair Philips
Scientific Projects Advisor
CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA (UK Registered Charity)
51 Great Ormond Street, London:

Dear Pinellas County Comissioners,

               Re: Fluoridation of your water supply.
We are often asked about these environmental issues by parents of children with cancer. We do not recommend forcing them to drink an industrial highly toxic waste product.
I do not take my family on vacation to any place where communities add "fluoride" to their water supply. It would be in our breakfast, lunch, dinner and every cup of coffee and tea that we drink - and even in our shower water. It would be impossible for us to avoid it.

Only 2 per cent of the global population drink artificially fluoridated drinking water -and most of them live in the United States. If Pinellas County fluoridates, we will put it on our list of vacation places to avoid - and share it with our friends and colleagues worldwide.

Yours sincerely, Alasdair Philips

A main route of exposure to toxicants in municipal water for children is the skin. Studies done in the early 1980s showed that an average of 64% of the total dose of waterborne contaminants is absorbed through the skin.
Also, studies by Dr. Julian Andelman, Professor of Water Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, found less chemical exposure from drinking contaminated water than using it to wash clothes or take a shower (American Journal of Public Health, May 1984).

In his book: Health & Nutrition Secrets to Save Your Life.
Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D. says:

“Only the light of truth can halt this process.” If after reading my book you can still approve water fluoridation expect horrendous medical problems and suffering of the people. Keep in mind that fluoride will interact with aspartame, which is also causing heinous symptoms and diseases in the UK. What has happened here in the U.S, WILL happen in the UK. You must stop the fluoridation of the UK or it will destroy the health of the people and cause disability and death as recorded in this book which contains in-depth information on fluoride information that has been kept from the public e.g. Fluoridated communities PAY MORE FOR DENTAL CARE.

The York Review

Funded  by U.K Government and described by them as “The Final Word on Fluoride”  has been criticised by many scientists and others for its biased inclusion criteria and misrepresentation of its findings. (Also please see accompanying document, DoH Guidelines on New Fluoridation Schemes…)

Professor Phillipe Grandjean, Professor of Environmental Medicine at the University of Odense, Denmark, wrote to the US Environmental Agency about a WHO study on fluorine and fluoride. In 1985  He pointed out:
“Information which could cast any doubt on the advantage of fluoride supplements was left out by the Task Group. Unless I had been present myself, I would have found it hard to believe”.
The same can be said of this review (The York Review). One is now left to wonder why the review was conducted. If this review was worth a year’s work by many highly paid scientists and government officials; if it was worth spending scarce NHS money on; if it were really to be a once and for all, unchallengeable, examination of the benefits and adverse effects of fluoridation, why were the inclusion criteria manipulated to exclude data that might show fluoridation in a bad light.
The title the NHSCRD dreamed up for their press release was “The Final Word on Fluoride”. It isn’t.
The Government’s White Paper on health specifically stated that this Review would examine the effects of fluoride on health. It didn’t.

In December 2002, four members of the government’s last major study of the effects of water fluoridation (The York Review, published September 2000) wrote to Hazel Blears, the public health minister, about the effectiveness of fluoridation in reducing caries: “We could discover no reliable, good quality evidence in the fluoridation literature worldwide. What we found suggested that fluoridation was likely to have a beneficial effect, but in fact the range could be anywhere from a substantial benefit to a slight disbenefit to children’s teeth.”

Medical Advisor to Thyroid UK

There is a daunting amount of research studies showing that the widely acclaimed benefits of fluoride on dental health are more imagined than real. My main concern however, is the effect of sustained fluoride intake on general health.  Again, there is a huge body of research literature on this subject, freely available and in the public domain.
But this body of work was not considered by the York Review when their remit was changed from “Studies of the effects of fluoride on health” to “Studies on the effects of fluoridated water on health.” It is clearly evident that it was not considered by the BMA (British Medical Association), British Dental Association (BDA), BFS (British Fluoridation Society) and FPHM, (Faculty for Public Health and Medicine) since they all insist, as in the briefing paper to Members of Parliament - that fluoridation is safe and non-injurious to health. This is a public disgrace; I will now show by reviewing the damaging effects of fluoridation, with special reference to thyroid illness.
( Dr. Durrant-Peatfield continues for three pages plus references)

From Namaste

Louis Ronsivalli, for many years Laboratory Director at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and recipient of four US Government Awards commented on The York Review’s exclusion of relevant studies:
“Because it is ignoring fluoride exposure from all sources, the UK study is absolutely and without question, being conducted as if by unsupervised schoolchildren. The danger imposed on human health by purposely adding fluoride to public water supplies cannot be scientifically assessed by evaluating only the effect of the fluoride in drinking water supplies. The exclusion of the effects of fluoride from other sources represents the exclusion of relevant variables which must be considered under the scientific rules that must be followed in the conduct of scientific experiments, as well as in the conduct of scientific analyses. Anyone who contends that these variables do not have to be considered, should get into a different line of work. Scientific work is far too important to be conducted by incompetent or careless individuals.”

Paul Connett, PhD, Professor of Chemistry, St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York.
“The York Review’s finding that none of these epidemiological studies is worthy of an A grade, underlines the fact that not only is fluoridation a human experiment, the powers that be haven’t even done a good job of collecting the data.
“The danger of such a review as conducted by the York team is to make everything appear extremely complicated for the ordinary citizen. Let’s simplify the picture. No risk is acceptable if it is avoidable. Why take these risks when based upon the largest study of teeth done in the US the benefit of fluoridation at most represents half a tooth surface saved per child? Why protect the teeth on the outside with a method which has a high chance of damaging them from the inside (dental fluorosis)? Why take these risks when all but three countries in Western Europe do not fluoridate their water and there is no evidence to suggest that their teeth are worse than countries that do? . . . The toxic properties of fluoride are not in dispute.
“The York Review has provided enough information for reasonable citizens, scientists and governments to act now. The time has come to end the practice of putting fluoride into drinking water.”

Albert W. Burgstahler, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
“In considering these objectives and the guidelines laid out for addressing them, one must bear in mind that the DoH is a long-time advocate of fluoridation and is unlikely to retreat from that position.
“From a scientific standpoint, the exclusion of animal and laboratory data from the review . . . places undue reliance on admittedly deficient epidemiological investigations that can only be as valid as the adequacy and completeness of the data included in them, no matter how sophisticated the statistical analyses might be. In terms of human population studies, the omission of all reference to unrefuted peer-reviewed reports of reversible adverse health effects of fluoridation points up a major defect in the review. By not citing pertinent experimental and clinical case-study data on the toxic properties and biomedical hazards of fluoridation, the review clearly has a serious major shortcoming.
“Moreover, by not allowing examination of other admittedly important aspects of fluoridation, the DoH has been able to tailor the report to its own restricted views of the subject, thereby making the review very inadequate and misleading in its presentation.
“Both fluoride and lead are persistent environmental pollutants and, like lead, fluoride accumulates in the human body with disastrous consequences to health. Only by acknowledging and dealing honestly with this fact and its implications can this or any other review of fluoridation ever be considered an acceptable scientific document.”

Dr Bruce Spittle MB ChB DPM FRANZCP, Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychological Medicine, University of Otago Medical School, Dunedin, New Zealand
“I have experienced some difficulty in interpreting some of the results . . . After finding some errors I have had doubts about what is accurate and what is not.
“I have major reservations about the credibility of the review because of the narrowness of the inclusion criteria and the associated difficulties at looking at the effects of fluoride irrespective of its source using the full range of information available including biochemical and animal studies.”

Professor Rudolf Ziegelbecker, PhD. Institute of Environmental Health, Graz, Austria
“Professor Kleijnen, I respect the hard and useful work of your team in the systematic review. This systematic review of many papers of water fluoridation showed that there is not any paper with evidence of highest level A after 55 years of fluoridation. The level B (evidence of moderate quality) of caries studies, however, is also untenable in view of statistics and natural sciences. I hope that you correct the results of your systematic review and also inform the Department of Health and the public that there is no evidence for ‘benefits’ of water fluoridation.”

George Glasser, US investigative journalist specialising in pollution
“While almost every credible governmental and international health agency specifically states that dermal and inhalation exposures are significant in determining the overall potential lifetime exposure of the individual, the NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination at York University failed to acknowledge the present criteria for research methodology in the fluoridation review.
“Many observers, including this writer, who investigate current scientific review criteria will dismiss the York review on the basis that the panels did not address all modes of exposure, and most importantly, the special children’s issues.”

E.M. Vaughan, on behalf of the Directors, National Pure Water Association Limited.
“The National Pure Water Association Ltd expresses its deep disappointment that the criteria for selection of research papers were seriously restrictive.
“We are particularly critical of the exclusion of all existing animal studies, exposure via dermal absorption and the biochemistry of fluoride exposure from sources other than drinking water. Nor did the Review consider the total exposure of human populations to toxic fluorides, which essentially determines the severity of adverse health effects.
“NPWA Ltd regrets that this Review represents a missed opportunity to explore the breadth of fluoride research. Whatever the Final Report may conclude, the self-evident deficiencies of this Review compromise the security of the NHS CRD’s findings.”

The Green Party of England and Wales
“The Review closed its eyes to all animal studies, all biochemical studies, all mathematical models - and even key research on the effects of fluoride on the thyroid.
“The Review has looked at fluoride in drinking water. But fluoride is a cumulative poison, and it’s the overall dose which counts. . . . The methods by which the Review has conducted its work, together with the narrowing of the Protocols from the original intention to look at fluoride and health, is wholly unacceptable - there should be an inquiry into the procedures of the Review.” . . . “Tooth decay is about poor dental hygiene and high-sugar diet. Mass medication with fluoride doesn’t address this problem, and doesn’t respect individual choice, but does have a cumulative toxic effect on the human body.”
The Green Party supports the National Pure Water Association’s stance - calling for the repeal of all existing legislation permitting water fluoridation.

The British government’s Review, indeed all research conducted on drinking water fluoridation, is concerned only with direct oral ingestion from water, using either calcium or sodium fluoride. No research has ever been carried out on the chronic effects of exposure to fluorosilicates, whether they be in water, food or air, and none seems likely while ‘reviews’ restrict their examinations to the effects produced by the addition of sodium fluoride to water alone. Any claims that these substances are safe or efficacious are specious.
This review was about ‘Water fluoridation’ to 1ppm specifically, as stated in the criteria reiterated by Matthew Bradley to Andreas Schuld. It was not about the biochemistry, and/or the cumulative nature of fluoride; or of existing levels in people, despite a warning by MoH Mission in 1953; or total ingestion from all sources (WHO 1994). Neither did it consider the crucial differences between calcium fluoride and fluorosilicic acid. Even Dr Peter Mansfields’s West Midlands urine tests were about determining total ingestion levels - so the criteria of this review specifically ruled them out.

In 1998-Dr Peter Mansfield, Director of the Templegarth Trust, tested more than 200 volunteers from the fluoridated West Midlands. He found that 60% of them are ingesting up to FOUR TIMES the amount of fluoride considered to be "safe". He sent these deeply worrying results to the very highest levels at the DoH. No-one wants to know. Instead, Dr Mansfield has been denigrated by leading fluoride-promoters. Dr Mansfield said: "They have no results of their own and are not willing to replicate my tests. It is obvious that the symptoms of joint pain and stiffness suffered by many of these volunteers are misdiagnosed. This is most serious negligence."

Those involved in setting the various guidelines and protocols of the York Review—and then changing them to ensure the result they want—should consider these words of Professor Petr Beckman:
No scientist is infallible and every scientist is entitled to his errors. But when he omits crucial facts in order to influence laymen, he does not become a dishonest scientist; he ceases to be a scientist.

On 26 October 1998,  The National Pure Water Association (NPWA) brought Professor Dr A.K. Susheela to meet with Ms Tessa Jowell, the present Minister for Public Health. Dr Susheela is a histocytochemist and a Doctor of Medical Science with 25 years experience in fluoride research and more than 100 published scientific papers on the adverse effects of fluoride on human health to her credit. She is a senior consultant to the Indian Government on the subject of fluoride toxicity.

Dr Susheela showed Ms Jowell and three of her advisers - Dr Michael Waring, Mr Ian Cooper and Mr Jerry Read - electron-micrographs of cells - how fluoride kills erythrocytes (red blood cells) and causes devastating damage to gastric mucosa, resulting in a collection of symptoms which we westerners describe as "Irritable Bowel Syndrome". This condition, if shown to be caused by fluoride, can be completely cured in 10-15 days by eliminating fluoride from the diet and drinking pure water with no fluoride contamination. She showed how calcium levels in the body decrease as fluoride levels rise. She showed photographs of how fluoride induces pitting and cavity formation on the surface of tooth enamel and that these cavities are distinctly different from those formed as a result of dental caries. She showed how blood fluoride levels rise continuously with prolonged use of fluoridated toothpaste. She showed how, in those who ingest fluoride-contaminated water and who use fluoridated toothpaste, mouth rinses, etc., the muscles, connective tissue elements (particularly the collagen fibres) and bone tissue undergo degenerative changes.

The government's advisers uttered not a word of comment, nor did they ask the Professor a single question. These are the "experts" on whom Ministers rely. Ms Jowell asked why we are not seeing these effects in our own fluoridated areas. Susheela replied: "You do not have a NHS facility for testing fluoride levels in blood and urine. If you do not look for adverse effects, how can you hope to find them?"


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